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    Delivery & F.A.Q.

    The game can be backed through Kickstarter starting october 1st.
    Once succesfully backed it will be shipped as soon as possible.
    The first (safehaven) expension can be bought by backing the premium pledge level (€39) on Kickstarter, others can be bought on the website in a later stadium.

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      Delivery start

      After the Kickstarter campaign the production will start and delivery will follow soon after, expect delivery (hopefully) before the Christmas holidays!

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      Delivery costs inside the E.U.

      €9-11,- for all countries in the E.U.

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      Delivery costs outside the E.U.

      €11-15,- for all countries outsie of the E.U.

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      What is 4kingdoms?

      A strategic cardgame for up to 4 players.

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      Why cant i buy it yet?

      Our Kickstarter campaign starts october 1st.. almost..
      Like all other campaigns if it is succesful it will be produced, so if you want a copy help us out buy backing on Kickstarter!

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      When will the expansions be available?

      If the game is succesfully funded on Kickstarter we will invest in producing several expansions straight away.

      If you want the first expansion for sure just back that pledge level on Kickstarter and receive it along with the base game!